Bandito needs a new bike.
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Thread: Bandito needs a new bike.

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    Bandito needs a new bike.

    I need a new bike.

    Yamaha R1

    No kawa shit, and I'm not interested in an oil burning cbr1000 even though it looks wicked.


    I need lots of power. To get it impounded and seized of course.

    Bike will be ridden to California 2 - 4 times in first year and probably have 100,000km's in
    3 years.
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    Get the GSXR750, a new one with the monobloc brembos and BPF fork. Better control and ability to stop when you get pulled over and bill 14 fingered.

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    out of those I'd say a cross plane R1. it's not going to win any beauty competitions but it's got a great engine.. and it's a bit of different spin on the inline 4 concept.
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    I could sell you my GSXR 1000, but you won't be able to get it seized with the James Bond action I got going on.

    150hp on the rear wheel, and it's fast enough, stopped great.

    But then what would I ride?

    I know a guy selling one just like it, for $5000....minty mint with the stealth silver paint scheme.

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    none :(
    Come take my bike for a spin.

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    K5/K6 GSX-R 1000 would be my recommendation. Or K3/K4 GSX-R if you want more comfort.

    I love my R1, and tour on it throughout the summers, but the GSX-R's are a more comfortable bike for most with stonkin' motors.

    I feel you are a more function over form type of guy, otherwise if you like purty bikes, R1 > GSX-R

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    I'll beleive all this sportbike fluff when I see the pics.....I'm almost certain it's the beer talkin
    Quote Originally Posted by G Hats View Post
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    i'd still take the cbr1000rr - it's your best bet.

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    why doesnt anyone like the ZX10R???

    i have owned 3 of them & never had any issues.

    i did like my 04R1, but it felt a little 'loose' in comparison to the ZX10R's.

    i recently had a chance to take an 06 gixxer 750 for a few spins & was thoroughly disappointed. it was stock, but it still seemed like a sleeping tank.

    IMO go with the R1 if you are dead set against a NINJA.

    sorry gixxers....i'm done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CHIA View Post
    I'll beleive all this sportbike fluff when I see the pics.....I'm almost certain it's the beer talkin

    Wednesday night troll action!
    "Yamaha" - it's Japanese for "fuck your sports car."

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    i vote ktm rc8
    10 KTM rc8 r
    03 Yamaha R6 (track)
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    FZ1. Be comfortable.
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    100,000 kms hunched over like a dog taking a shit in a cold wind?
    FZ1, now that makes real sense!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bandito View Post
    I need a new .

    Yamaha R1

    fixed it for yah!

    first off, why get a 750 when an r1 is both a 998cc & 848cc beast of an engine,.!

    in all seriousness... as soon as i saw your post... of course, but then you know me....

    i'd toss a leg over a 2010 CROSS-PLANE R1...

    very fine machine.... i' loved my 09 so much..!

    that there's no question.!!

    Mr Rossi seems pretty happy with it
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    Life is too short to own ugly motorcycles.

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