What's that mountain?
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    What's that mountain?

    I always wondered what mountain that is when you are coming down on knight going north and 33rd. You always see the bright white lights at night. I can't tell if that's grouse, seymour, or cypress.

    Btw, can you see whistler from Vancouver or is it way too far out?

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    Are you high?

    From basic geometry, you get that the distance to the horizon is D=sqrt(2Rh)

    where D = distance to horizon R = radius of earth h = height of observer, which would be the height of your eyes.

    R and h have to be in consistent units, of course. In feet the radius of the earth is about 4000 mi * 5000 ft/mi or 20 million feet. Standing on the shore, your eyes are maybe 5 feet above the surface, so D=sqrt(2*20e6*5)= 14000 feet, or a little under three miles.

    There are some other effects that make that number a little different. Refraction bends your line of sight, so you can see a little bit farther. If you're looking at an object on the water, like a ship, you also get the distance on the other side of the horizion that corresponds to the height of the target.

    Nevermind that you are at a lower elevation than whistler and have the massive North Shore mountains and GARIBALDI park between you and Whistler. By road you're looking at 127 km, as the bird flies about 100 km.Even if there was nothing in your way atmospheric distortion, dust, reflection, refraction and the curvature of the earth would prevent you from seeing Whistler.

    As for your other question, heading northbound on Knight street at 33rd would aim you straight at the Cut on Grouse Mountain.
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    Coolio, you never cease to amaze. TIME had it wrong when they chose Mark Zuckerburg as the Man of the Year; it clearly should've been your mug on the front cover. I'll never forget the day I sold you that rear stand and you asking me to show you how it worked.

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    To confirm it's Grouse, try turning on your highbeams just before you reach 33rd - should light up the gondola nicely for a couple seconds. I do this sometimes if I want to quickly check if they've opened up the skating rink up there yet.
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    dude! haha, ok Seymour has orange lights, Grouse is the next one to the left (middle of the three) and Cypress is over to the West with the most runs.

    Whistler first of all is too damn far away and not possible to see from here, and they don't have night skiing anyway so the mountain remains quite dark (except groomers)

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