Advice - driving to Whitefish Montana
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Thread: Advice - driving to Whitefish Montana

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    Advice - driving to Whitefish Montana

    Considering meeting friends there but it's definitely a trek. Anyone done it? You can either take Hwy 3 across BC or interstate 90 from Seattle. What's the best option based on road safety and total drive time?

    Going to Red mountain last season was no problem but Whitefish is a good stretch beyond.

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    My gawd....I haven't been to Whitefish MN since the 80's for night skiing.

    I've never travelled back east through the states, I always take Highway #3 back, just because there is a town every 100km or less, so if it starts to snow hard or they close the roads, you can find accomadations asap.

    My folks did the US way once and said it was faster, but they also got lucky with dry roads.

    Dunno man, flip a coin and go for it.

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