What's the biggest surprise you found with a used bike?
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Thread: What's the biggest surprise you found with a used bike?

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    What's the biggest surprise you found with a used bike?

    Situation: You bought or you're looking at a used bike, maybe even a dealer bike.

    What is the biggest surprise you found out during your inspection, ride, or maintenance after purchase?
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    bought a used bike only to find out it would intermittently cut out while riding around. I was terrified to ride it on the highways or in traffic.

    felt like i was taken for a ride and had an electrical nightmare on my hands.

    it happened a few times and i started checking electrical connections etc. found a loose ecu ground and had her running flawlessly.

    i emailed the previous owner and asked him if he had any problems with the bike. he never got back to me.

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    hard in the mac
    having full aftermarket exhaust... when i went in for an oil change and was told it would take a bit longer to get it done because of it.

    funny part is that i was talking to the parts/accessories guy about getting a new everything
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    Disintegrating big end.
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    Buying my beloved RC51, only to have it break down 5 minutes into my 1st ride. Then again a week later. Then have the sidestand spring fall off on that same ride. Really, the initial month of RC ownership was a myriad of fun little "surprises". Luckily it didn't take too much to sort her out, just a little bit of time and patience. Great bike now.

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    Broken clutch cable.
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    It went from zero to flashing lights in my mirror faster than I expected.
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    Battery installed backwards, vent hose not hooked up. Acid gases chewed halfway through the subframe. The joy of my first bike! Bought for 1200, sold for 1900 a year later.
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    Brand new '00 ZX-9R ram air hose wasn't connected. The bike would only rev to about 4000 rpm then felt like it was running out of gas as the air box wasn't getting any, um air. Took only about 10 min to figure it out.
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    Box of Cialis under the rear seat.

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    My biggest surprise is finding out how many people out there know jack shit and will sell a motorcycle for next to nothing because they can't clean a carb or use a multi-meter to located a $5-10 problem.

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    Stripped threads on oilpan drain plug... seized bolts all over the place... helicoiled spark plugs...

    But when you buy old bikes, and I mean OLD, not 10 years old old... you
    never know what you are going to get.
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    Crappy wiring jobs (this is 100% expected now), stripped bolts, missing bolts, tools that were dropped into the bike that someone was unable to find/remove.
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    My 86 gsxr 750. Bought cheap off a friend who quit riding entirely. Found out it had been somebody's race bike when investigating the aftermarket engine cases. For a bike that had been tracked for the longest time it never gave me problems and went like stink.
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    I have found lots of the above.
    And forks completely empty of oil, wiped clean. Chains hooped, but links removed so they could tighten it up.
    Too many bad wiring jobs, expected like Stevie says.
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