The "Oh Sh**" moment you avoided
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Thread: The "Oh Sh**" moment you avoided

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    The "Oh Sh**" moment you avoided

    Could be similar to the first drop moment, except this time you didn't drop your bike. This time you - avoided - the incident and possibly bought a lottery ticket afterwards.

    My biggest "oh shit" moment came on a 4 or 6 lane downhill stretch coming back from Osoyoos. The road was wide, farms on both sides with perfect visibility in all directions. The downhill is my excuse for a very long braking distance that came later.

    There was a truck parked on the right side of the street with 4-way flashers on. As I came close the truck made a sharp right turn to a field across the highway. red alert, eyes wide the brakes were hammered. The crossing truck suddenly looked like a train crossing the street starting long ago with no end. I stopped before reaching the truck but I'll be damned if it wasn't the biggest "oh shit" moment I've ever had.
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    in Victoria, left lane hugger, so I decide to pass him in the right lane, He accelerates, there is a truck in the right lane, barely made it back in the left lane, almost clipped the semi. Yep, that was close.
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    several, but two that stand out as 'oh shit that was a bad idea' that left me shaking afterwards:

    1: first year of riding, indecisive on whether or not to pass a large truck through a rapidly closing gap (I'm in the right lane, which ends right before a sharp right hand uphill corner)... I hummed and hawed over it for a few seconds too long, before deciding 'fuck it I'm going for it', and cracking open the throttle and flying towards the closing gap between truck's bumper and the end-of-lane curb...
    ... made the gap at the lost possible nanosecond, looked out of the corner of my eye and could see the crushed insects on the grill, thought I was about to join 'em.... but somehow made it.... no idea how... still give my head a shake today over that one....

    2nd incident: decided to show off with a wheelie in the shortest space possible, set it down and hammed the brakes - on very cold tires. oops, forgot all about that. running out of road and just knew I couldn't stop in time, so, pick the best line - up and over the hedges, onto someone's lawn (which had a sprinkler going), still clammering for the brakes, at speed, on wet grass... came to a stop about 5 feet from hitting the side of the house, amazed I was still upright. nerves shot, hands flailing wildly...

    Yea. Never gonna make those same mistakes again! (knock on wood!)
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    Had a fairly interesting moment on one of our goat trails this summer...

    hit a jump, met a minivan coming the other way mid-air... could have adjusted their mirror for them before landing cockeyed! hehe

    moral of this story? dont go on stress busting rides when quitting smoking!!

    gotta be healthier ways of releasing tension! lmao

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    riding on royal oak. saw a bunch of bikes that looked like the ones on the ride to squish earlier that day.
    didnt see the SUV that stopped to make a left turn in front of me.
    No time to break, cross fingers to not have anyone in the curb lane and counter steer like i never counter steered before. Cleared him by maybe a few inches at my shoulder...

    it was exactly like that counter steering exercise at PRS.
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    Coming home after going grocery shopping to find my DRZ had burnt to the ground in my underground while I was out. Not only that, the soot from the fire turned my brand new, white 07 VW GTI, into a black 07 VW GTI.

    Insurance paid forthebike, but the fire damage to my underground is not insurable and cost me $3000 out of pocket.
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    ouch, the are no cameras in your underground i take it? that sucks man.
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    First year. I'd just screamed at my buddy at the top of my god damned lungs, spittle coming out my helmet. I was super pissed off at comment he had made (probably the most angry I've ever been at a friend).

    I blasted off by myself to pick up my parents from the airport of which I was already late for and it started raining too (despite a clear forecast).

    I approached an intersection (east bound on Kingsway crossing Knight) with an opposing left turning Van sitting on the turning lane. I KNEW he was going to turn left in front of me but I kept accelerating on (for that particular group ride) a shitty Yamaha 400XS. The guy turned, I braked hard in the rain and locked up the rear pretty damned hard.

    I got off the rear brakes and held the front as hard as I could and at the same time, I put both my feet down to try to stabilize (wtf was I thinking...) So here I was careening towards the side of this van with my boots skittering on the wet pavament acting like training wheels and my bike going side to side... I was almost certain was going to lose the front end and tuck it under the van.

    Fortunately, there was enough of a gap and I passed the rear of the truck by 2 feet.


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    posing with one of my zukes at 7/11
    a suzisomething
    i had 2 oh shit moments on my bike;
    the first on my gsxr going down gilley to marine drive in burnaby
    a car backs out of a drive way right in front of me i grab a handfull of front brake, the back wheel comes up an im heading straight into the right quater panel of this car instinctively i managed to steer the bike around the car on the front wheel. the second time was when i was riding out to see a tlr i was thinking about buying and while on the freeway heading east just before the port mann bridge a sheet of plastic membrane flew off the back of a pick up truck and wrapped around me and the bike and created a couple of significant problems for riding. i managed to get it stopped and the plastic off the bike and me and kept going and proceded to buy me a tlr
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    a few pretties
    mine are more funny than serious

    the guy in the pickup ahead of me tosses out his bic , it bounces on the road and into my face

    i'm sure the members here have had the treat of riding visor up in the summer and at speed a wasp or bee enters your helmet and u got to do the emergency helmet removal at the side of the road

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    Had my visor up coming out of Whistler at 100 klicks and had a bird hit the front side of helmet. Another few cms and would have hit me square in the eyes.
    Quote Originally Posted by gxr jo View Post
    mine are more funny than serious

    the guy in the pickup ahead of me tosses out his bic , it bounces on the road and into my face

    i'm sure the members here have had the treat of riding visor up in the summer and at speed a wasp or bee enters your helmet and u got to do the emergency helmet removal at the side of the road
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    The strip only had one stripe....She wasn't pregnant.
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    17 years old on a ride with the old man and his buddy on Vashon Island by Seattle.

    Off cambor right hander, large gravel, newb rider on said buddy's 40-some year old Vincent. Needless to say I was trying to keep up with Rossi and Hayden up in front of me, and gently rolled it into a shallow ditch, back up the other side and came to rest genly in front of a barbed wire fence, scratching the fender.

    Never dumped it, though.

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    I dunno there've been a few.

    One that sticks out:
    Left turner in Richmond. Looked right at me pulled out. I was doing around 70, so close that I had to choose between braking to slow before I hit the guy or gassing it and trying to get between the car's front quarter-panel and the fence next to Hwy 99.

    I was tucking the leg as far as I could into the side of the bike and I was right up against the fence... made it with perhaps an inch or so...

    Pretty close.
    Still surprised that I didn't pull the guy out of the car and 'educate', but I was just happy to be alive at that point...
    If that happened today (on a KLR) I'm not sure what I'd be doing. The Ninja was a little better at being able to use the gas to get out of trouble.

    The other was going onto the Lions gate heading southbound, a Volvo tried to come off the bridge way too fast and was sliding into the oncoming lane mid corner. Three of us were heading south and mid turn when I found myself looking right into the Volvo's headlight - with my head about the same height as the headlight and in it's path. Stood the bike up fast, changed lanes (somehow managed to check to ensure I didn't hit the other riders, and threw it back a the ground to make the turn. Made it. Got the 'post adrenaline' shakes on the Burrard street bridge heading into Kits. Surprised how long that shot of adrenaline lasted. Had to have several beers after I got home.

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