Looking for New Years Eve ideas
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Thread: Looking for New Years Eve ideas

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    Looking for New Years Eve ideas

    Have searched around a bit on the internet and haven't found anything that truly interests me so I thought I would post up the question. I am looking for something downtown Vancouver, with a good meal, nice surroundings and some decent entertainment. Trying to stay away from the advertised big parties full of twenty somethings.

    Does anyone have a good suggestion ?

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    at this point?
    good luck getting reservations.
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    Apparently, there's some key party somewhere in Aldergrove. (I'm not interested..)

    I think my friend was joking though... but.... I could ask her for you...... o.O

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    Don't know a thing about it but a friend sent me an invite for this yesterday.

    Town Hall
    1032 Alberni St.
    Vancouver, BC
    Created By
    Town Hall Vancouver
    More Info Come join us at Town Hall for the city's best New Years Eve bash! Live music by Bang! all night long, free champagne at minight, party favors and best of all, NO COVER CHARGE!
    Two seatings for dinner, 6pm and 9pm. Call for reservations or to RSVP for the party.
    All are welcome!
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    I like to sit alone at home in the dark and drink until I see January 2nd on my phone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sikorsky View Post
    I like to sit alone at home in the dark and drink until I see January 2nd on my phone.
    That's a whole lot of drinking.

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    got reservations for the keg last night for 10 pm tomorrow night

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    that would be my best suggestion as well... keg,

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    your mom's house
    Your girlfriend
    Sit and sob in the shower?

    That's what I'm doing anyways.

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    sunny surrey
    a few pretties
    anything going on at number 5

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    Fuck NY and their 3 hour early countdown ..... Were almost the last people on the planet to celebrate new years except maybe Hawaii .... But they live in paradise so like they give a shit !!! ...... I will likely drive to kamloops on Friday and go snowboarding on the first day of the year ..... Sunpeaks or maybe try Harper . Better to start the year on a good note rather than all hung over and some chicks new baby daddy ...... Best of luck ..... Season starts soon .......
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    i was going to sit down with an 8-ball and a bottle of stoli and call up a couple cheap hookers.

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    Poker night at Bandito's?

    Everyone brings an appy and their own booze.

    Those saucing it up can crash, there is lots of floor space.

    New Years day breakfast provided.

    I have lots of space and table area, would need some assistance though.

    Location is Pitt Meadows.

    We'll get some fireworks and blow some of that shit off too.

    Smokers can use the garage or back patio.

    If we can get 10 folks at $100 buy in, someone goes home with $1000 bucks the next morning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by avocet View Post
    i was going to sit down with an 8-ball and a bottle of stoli and call up a couple cheap hookers.
    Classic, and never out of style.

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    Really has nothing to do with motorcycles.

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