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    Upon purchasing a new bike, which I will hopefully be doing soon, is it better to break the bike in with the stock exhaust or can you stick a slip on right away. When I broke my 01 R6 in it had an Akropovic on it. The guys at the dealership said it was fine, but like I believe them. Since the R6 was stolen I never got a chance to take it in for it's first valve job, so I never really learned if I had broke the engine in properly. I want to get a slip on for the new GSXR but I don't know if I should wait to get a slip on or break it in with the stock pipe.

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    Good question!

    I don't know for certain, but I'd say it won't make a big difference either way.

    Would the installation of the slipon include jetting changes? Could a poor air/fuel mixture cause problems during the breakin period? Any moreso than the general "leanness" that most bikes come with from the factory?

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    A slipon has minimal jetting, or program effects in the Gixxer's case, compared to a full system. Technically it may or may not run a tiny bit leaner with a can only but it's very minimal. Go for it. Perhaps the dealer will give you some trade in allowance for the stocker. It's one of the first pieces to be trashed in a right side drop after all........ on second thought it may be worth keeping it stored away "just in case". The dealer won't give you anywhere NEAR what it's worth anyway.

    Hey, why not get the comp programed at the same time? That way it's running back up to the proper "rich" setting right off the bat. I can't think of any break in issues with doing this. Hell, these modern engines don't really need "breaking in" in the classic sense anyway.
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    I suggest you consider a full pipe, usually not a lot more money but with significantly better results.

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    I considered a full exhaust but it's not like I need to glean more horses outta the GSXR. As for keeping the pipe, jim I think that's best, I still have one for the R6. Hey if anyone needs one I'd give it away for a nothing, maybe a case of Kilkenney. Anyways, thanks for the input, I'll more than likely get the slip on right away then...

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