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    FS: 1991 BMW 318is

    The time has come to sell the DS. I bought this car from an elderly gentleman in North Van, and I have had it for exactly a year and it has given me no issues whatsoever. This is a no stories, clean e30. It is a great daily driver, or with a bit of work, could be a really nice track/weekend car. This is a car you can jump right into and you’ll be good for a long time. Bimmer connoisseurs think the m42 318is will maintain its value for a long time to come.

    1991 BMW DS 318is


    5 speed/2 door

    340,000 km on the M42 engine, 134 hp, 127 lb-ft tq. Weighs around 2600lbs.

    All original, VIN matching, no modifications (other than an aftermarket stereo and keyless entry)

    Vin: WBAAF9305MEE72481

    No accidents, paintwork, or rust. The exterior has a few minor paint chips here and there, and a barely noticeable indent on the passenger door. Both fog lights are cracked but both work. Needs an “IS” lip.

    Doesn’t burn any oil, starts up perfectly every time. Just passed Aircare with flying colours.

    Cloth sport interior in good condition save for the driver’s seat, which has a few holes in it. All the adjustments work. No cracks in the dash, comes with crank sunroof (pops but just recently has given me a bit of trouble opening), power mirrors, OBC, windows, everything works. The clutch is well worn but has never slipped or given me any issues. Comes with five 14” basketweaves, all in fairly good condition, with decent tread left on the tires. No LSD.

    91+ octane always used

    I have a clean Carfax report dating back to when I purchased the car a year ago, and nothing has changed since then.
    Comes with the owner’s manual, two sets of keys with keyless remotes.
    It had a brand new cylinder head put in at 177km (to the tune of $4,000) so there is LOTS of life left in this motor
    Have maintenance records dating back to 1998

    Maintenance in the past 30k:
    Oil and filter changed every 5k KM
    Brand new BMW OEM muffler ($800) 5k ago
    Nixon: Replaced valve cover gasket 15k ago
    Nixon: Coolant and brake fluid flush and replace, full inspection 15k ago when I bought the car.
    Battery 15k ago
    Fuel pump 15k ago
    Catalytic converter 25k ago
    Front brakes 30k ago
    Timing chain and tensioner rail 60k ago

    As reported by Nixon Automotive, things that need addressing sometime in the future, although nothing pressing:
    Lower right outer ball joint
    Shifter seal
    Driver’s side subframe mounts, it's a little squeaky back there when you drive over bumps.
    There is a slight oil leak, leaving a drop or two a day on the ground, but it never really bothered me.

    All and all, a great, economical toy, that will get you from A to B in style.

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    bump! $3200

    This is a great car to get you around town for VERY cheap.

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