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learning to make his first steps, to read, to draw, to ride a bike and so on. But unfortunately we are too busy with our work, it takes us a lot of time and energy and that's why we need help in looking after our kids. So many of us are ready to use Au Pair services.

It's popular and comfortable modern facility, but you should be attentive and careful while becoming a host family hiring nanny, because you are looking for a person who will deal with the dearest you have - your children. There were such events in other people's practice when they were not satisfied with their babysitters. These families got Au Pairs who stole their belongings, had awful table manners, threw their things around the house, smoked or treated the children badly and that is the worse.

So we'd like to give you some advice to be taken into account to find a good Au Pair. First of all you must remember that babysitter is supposed to become a part of your family and your should take it very seriously. A really great au pair must become a friend and helper to you and your children. And there are several things you should know before to hire au pair:

1. You can hire Au Pair through special website as well as through an Au-Pair Agency. But, as a rule, choosing through Agency is more safe. Register with a reputable agency who will match the needs of your family with those of the great nanny. They will also let you know what you can expect from an au pair and what is expected of you as the host family.

2. Also you have at first to decide and than to talk with the AuPair over what household duties you want him or her to carry out. These could include getting your children ready for school and collecting them from school, giving them their breakfast and taking them to after school activities, evening babysitting if you want to go out and some housework.

3. Au pairs usually come from another country because they want to improve their language abilities. Do make sure that they speak enough tour language already to make themselves understood particularly to your children.

4. Bear in mind that he or she will need to live in your home with you and that bed and board will be part of the deal. As well as feeding and accommodating an extra person, you will be expected to pay a weekly amount which could be termed pocket money. Can you afford it and do you really want to share your house with a stranger for a long period of time.

5. And pay special attention that babysitter must be in good health, including up-to-date immunizations required for the area they are serving, and have a negative TB test done.

Choosing an au pair needn't be difficult but you should be aware of potential problems. With the help of a competent specialist, you'll soon can be welcoming your new member of the family.

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