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    Factory Pro Velocity Stacks

    Anyone running these beauties?

    We ran my '08 GSX-R600 on the dyno & it made 4 more HP with them.

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    Yep I put them on a few months ago but the bike was off the road whe I installed them so I haven't run with them yet. I got a perfect set of the R1 Forum for $65 USD. They sure look purdy!!!!!
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    A note for semi gearheads: It is true that velocity stacks can make a bike produce more power, but it is also normal for them to cause a loss of power in some other part of the power curve. On a racetrack where the bike will seldom see revs below 8000 that is fine, but on a street bike where the engine is used over it's entire rev range it may adversely affect driveability in the lower range to the point that you may want to put it back to stock. HP is nice, but a smooth torque curve is nicer.

    A good dyno tune with a gas analyzer and a PC-III or a PC-V with autotune may partially solve drivability problems, or it may not. Gaining power in one area will usually come at the expense of giving it up in another area of the rev range.

    The automotive industry tackled this problem using two sets of intake runners. Low / midrange runners that were smaller and longer to increase air velocity to maximize volumetric efficiency, and higher in the rev range the engine would change over to a set of runners that were larger diameter and shorter length to maximize air volume.

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    These things are horny. Wish they made them for my bike. Agreed, useless for street.

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