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    Old Man on a Bike

    with a very few exceptions, motorcycling doesn't seem to lend itself to entertaining, much less insightful, writing. this Christmas present has turned out to be a surprise. Simon Gandolfi, the author, is a 73-year-old English resident (and novelist) who has lived many exotic places over his life, and who speaks good Spanish. he decides to take a motorcycle trip the length of Latin America, so buys a Honda 125 'pizza delivery' motorcycle in Veracruz Mexico and sets off. needless to say, he has MANY adventures (and a few misadventures) during his 6 month journey. like most good travel literature, mostly the book is about the people he encounters, their lives, their attitudes. and his experiences and conversations with locals 'bust' many of our preconceptions about Central and South America.
    I greatly enjoyed the book, and I recommend it those of you who are readers.

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    Seconded. Read this book a couple years ago and really enjoyed it. The writing isn't particularly good, but the adventure is great and very inspiring.
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    There are some truly remarkable stories of motorcycle trips on ADVriders forum.

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    Heheh, when I read the title of this thread, I thought it was about me.

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