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    Anyone ever filed a patent application? I called one lawyer so far and he quoted me 4k to 15k just to file the application to get to the patent pending status. Is this accurate??? I'm obviously going to call more lawyers, I'm just wondering if anyone here has any personal experience.

    And no I won't tell you what I've come up with

    I do realize that this is a broad question, but I figured I'd shoot it out there incase anyone has any good advice who has been through this. I'd like to gather as much info as I can.

    Once I file it, you guys will be the first to know
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    please let it be the SexBox!!!!

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    that sounds about right just to file it, but as the original application will likely be rejected, and resubmitted at least once, costs are usually much higher (30-60k).

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    Damn... It's that much to patent things?

    Anyways, once it's patented, I would like to know what it is o.O

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    My best friend in high school had a neighbor across the street that bought us beer. He invented something for a shower and cost his 100,000.00+ to get it going, it was a good thing he owned his house because thats how he got the money. I don't know what ever happened with it but he doesn't live there anymore. I don't think it's all that cheap to invent stuff.

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    It costs alot!!! There is an investigation to see if there is already a patent out there that might be close to what you have and your idea needs to be redone.
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    Funny my wife is looking into this shit right now. She has horrible ideas and I tend to tell her, "Yeah that's already been invented, try clicking google before you get all excited about something."

    I'm a realist, not a dream killer. If she actually had a decent idea, I'd support it 100%.

    As far as I've heard, they have to check Globally for the patents, that's not fucking cheap or easy to just do. These systems are not linked around the world. A friends father in law worked for GM in Ontario, he invented a few tools to fix assembly plant bearings, without shutting down the production line. He was just cut a fat cheque for his efforts, because there was no way in hell it was going to be used in the mass market and other company's assembley lines were kinds hush hush, or different anyway.
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    BTW, Flesh Light is already out there man.

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    Good luck!

    You may be on the road to glory. Or you may be just another patent holder who wasted their money.
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