Selling my 91 Nissan truck, as I have acquired another vehicle, and have no place to park it. 2.4L 4 cylinder, 5 speed manual, short box, regular cab, 2WD. Odometer reads 408000km, but please don't let that deter you. These trucks are known for lasting forever, as long as rust doesn't get them. And rust has not got to this one, it's a very clean little truck with all maintenance up to date, and ready to drive anywhere. I am a journeyman auto mechanic, and have taken extremely good care of this truck. Many recent repairs performed.

November 2010:

- Timing chain, guides, gears, and tensioner
- Resealed oil pan, crank seals
- Motul full synthetic oil and Nissan filter
- Motul full synthetic transmission oil change
- Motul full synthetic differential oil change
- Front pads and rotors, calipers serviced
- ATE Super Blue DOT4 brake/clutch fluid
- New clutch, resurfaced flywheel
- Distributor cap and rotor
- Thermostat and coolant change
- Treated entire frame and wheel wells with Wurth Cavity Protection spray
- Headlight switch

December 2010:

- Heater fan motor(brand new, not some junkyard special)
- Rear spring shackle bushings
- Front swaybar bushings
- Brand new left side tail light
- Bosch wiper blades
- 4 snow tires(used, but very good)

January 2011:

- Brand new battery
- Rear brake shoes and wheel cylinders
- Aircare(passed with flying colours)
- Couple of coolant hoses

Replaced before I owned it, but very new:

- Cat converter
- Radiator
- Rear shocks

This truck runs extremely well, always starts, blows great heat, am/fm radio works fine, exhaust is good, etc. It is not perfect, and could use the following:

- Front shocks are getting tired. Not leaking, just worn. most noticeable at freeway speeds with a load in the back.
- Idler arm bushing has some lateral play in it. not a lot, but it could use one
- Front signals are missing from the bumper. The corner signals work fine, just the bumper ones are gone for some reason.
- Interior arm rests are missing(don't know why)
- Centre dash vents are missing
- Ashtray is missing
- Horn button fell off the steering wheel. The horn works, but not without the button! 408000km has taken it's toll on the steering wheel.
- Only rust on the entire truck is a dime sized surface spot above the right rear wheel arch. I cleaned out behind it, and treated the spot. It has been there since I owned it, and not grown at all. There are however, dents on almost every panel. it's an old truck, afterall.

I would not hesitate to start this truck and drive it anywhere. Engine is very strong with 150psi in all 4 cylinders, transmission shifts perfectly, differential is quiet and smooth, interior has no water leaks, etc. Bench seat is worn, but not all ruined.

I am open to offers on this truck, but won't be giving it away. I've spent considerable time and money on it since the fall. It's an excellent truck for a daily driver, small work truck, farm truck, motorcycle hauler, etc. All you need to do is put a plate on it and drive. No issues, not stories. It's my current daily driver, but I would like to sell by February, as I have another 4 wheeled addition to my fleet, and nowhere to park it. If I had a place, I wouldn't sell it. It's been way too handy to have around, and I will buy another one at some point.

Thanks for looking.

That's the ad copy from my Craigslist ad. I'm asking $1950 on CL, will sell to a BCSBer for $1600.