International Track Day Recommendations
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Thread: International Track Day Recommendations

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    International Track Day Recommendations

    Hi Guys,

    I'm lucky enough to have a job with a lot of international travel (theres pro's and cons like everything in life). I know alot of you guys have done track days around the world so i'm looking for recommendations.

    I read a thread here recommending Phillip Island in Australia a few months ago. I found myself in Melbourne so i decided to sign up for one of the Philip island ride days and it was freaking incredible. Their set-up makes you feel like a factory rider, and its not really all that expensive (as long as you dont crash). The whole operation is very well organized and professional. I was very impressed....the track itself is just amazing as well.

    I'm looking for some something similiar to the philip island ride days in other international race tracks.

    Any ideas?


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    Contact slipknot on this forum. He used to race locally WMRC but is now living in Spain and has been to most (if not all) the tracks there and possibly elsewhere in Europe. He'd be a good place to start.
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    If you're looking at Spain then I can set you up with the owner. He's Sete Gibernau's cousin. It's a huge company and very well run. You will feel like a VP there for sure. There are about 140 riders divided into three groups. He rents 600's and CBR 1000's as well. Tons of bike fear including lids He also does Ferrari, Porsche rentals at selected tracks. My favorite is Jerez and you're only 30 minute drive to a blue flag beach. PM me and I'll give you his contact info. There is also dirt bike racing. I've got one more here before I leave. It's a real hoot and cheap.

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