Lift for a sport bike for under $800?
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Thread: Lift for a sport bike for under $800?

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    Lift for a sport bike for under $800?

    anyone used one, what were your thoughts?

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    hmm... I think they have 1000 pound lifts that go on sale at princess auto now and then.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ride4Life View Post
    anyone used one, what were your thoughts?
    I've got one of these. Best tool in my garage.
    I used to have a Handy, very highly regarded, probably more heavy duty, but got ride of it. I really like the fact with the Kendon the fact that you can get up real close to whatever you are working on. With ALL the rest of them, you still have to reach over across the deck to the bike, that always pissed me off. These Kendons are air lift and manual.
    I think I bought the slightly longer one, as my GSA is longer than an average sportbike. I also got the optional Kendon jack to lift either the front or rear while it's on the stand.
    Had my Norton on it for the last 2 months, took 3 minutes to put the Honda on it.


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