Parking @ Rogers Arena
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Thread: Parking @ Rogers Arena

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    Parking @ Rogers Arena

    Anyone have a good suggestion for (free or safe) parking for motorcycles around Rogers Arena during Canucks' games?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaverickPrince View Post
    Anyone have a good suggestion for (free or safe) parking for motorcycles around Rogers Arena during Canucks' games?

    oh ya......

    if you're coming up from the valley, come through Gastown, and bear left up Richards Street. On the right hand side about 4 blocks up there's 3-4 different lots. Get there before 6, and you pay $4.50. Use the other $20 you WOULD have spent on parking, and you and your partner buy a beer at the Kingston and oogle the waitresses.

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    i found free parking at main and seemed pretty safe as there is a lot of traffic there.

    park at your own risk. walk up the dunsmuir viaduct and straight to the stadium.

    if it rains, walk below it. don't park west of main, park east of main street.

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    when I drive by in the day, I usually see bikes parked on the boulevard kiddie corner to costco on the BC place side.
    Otherwise there is a freebie spot on Beatty street. On the east side of Beatty just south of Robson, the last single headed meter, there is a space between the meter and the no stopping anytime sign that you can fit a bike. I usually see bikes there in the summer.
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    I have parked right at the corner under the viaduct between BC Place and Rogers. Expo and Griffen(?) I think. The construction workers use it for their bike parking. As the site is active till 2am you should be all good. Park right up against the fence right on the walkway.

    I use it when I am working concert set ups at Rogers an have never had a problem.
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