advice on casual riding pants
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Thread: advice on casual riding pants

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    advice on casual riding pants

    So im looking to pick up a pair if riding pants, and i need some suggestions from the helpful community!

    Im not planning to do any super long rides deep into the interior or posting any records at the track, but mostly riding for an hour or two for the hell of it, or just commuting (so definitely no racing leathers with knee pucks).

    I am looking for something with at least knee/shin armour. I know mesh or polyester has come a long way for abrasion protection but heard that leather can't be matched in that department. Another dilemma.

    And, i won't ride much in the rain, but i dont want something that will have my legs feeling like a rainforest after a hot day's ride. And my price range is about $100-$150, used would be fine.

    I know I sound super picky, but just hoping to find out if my ideal pants exist! Thanks in advance.

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    I'm looking at a pair of BMW City Pants, they are bit more than your budget, but i'm trying to score a deal on them. They have protection in the knee and hip areas, and look good enough to wear around.

    I have the Shift Havoc's and they are pretty good.

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    I've owned a few pairs of the shift jeans and found they do not last very long with continuous washing/wearing (Strange because all my MX gear is shift and I crashed a lot, didn't even rip the jersey) I wore them out in under a year, no crashes. I have a pair of Levi's which survived a crash and I still wear them around.

    Draggins are a bit more expensive but I find are much better quality. I'm onto my 4th pair now and I wear them around as normal jeans the majority of the time.

    Hornee jeans are kevlar lined, my ex had a few pairs. No idea how they hold up to the pavement but they washed and wore well.

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    I have the Havoc's, they're pretty decent. The knee armor doesn't line up well with my legs so I had to get separate armor.
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