Got An 2002 R6 Need To Find Somthing Out
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Thread: Got An 2002 R6 Need To Find Somthing Out

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    Got An 2002 R6 Need To Find Somthing Out

    K got an 2002 R6 with AKRAPOVIC TITANIUM EXH. and it is jetted with that exh , but nonw i wuz thinking about putting on an YOSH. pipe it is not full system ? is do i have to re jet it and how does YOSH sound on an R6 AKRAPOVIC is just a bit to quit oh ya will i loes any power in the swap thanks for the help Peace

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    Damn for a Doctor you sure failed basic english. Not that I'm one to talk! J/K

    I believe you'll have to rejet if I read your post correcctly. If your going to just a Yosh Slip on and stock header, then you'll have to rejet to stock jets. Wait is your Akra full or slip on? I'm assuming a full system since you said it was jetted.

    I'd leave the akra on you'll get more power out of a full system with the proper jets, over a slip on. Assuming who ever did the jetting did it correctly.

    My friend with a 2002 R6 made more HP than my friends 99 R6 and the 99 had full yoshi, K&N (Which hurt his HP), stock jets, down one tooth, and ignition advancer. So its tough to say if you'll lose or gain power. We think with some tuning the 99 will have more HP than the 02.
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    Doctor: I'd keep the Akrapovic pipe on. It's a good quality pipe and is generally referred to as one of the better pipes you can get for performance for the Yamaha Rx series.
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    Slip-on mufflers do not require any re-jetting. You could always tweak it so that your bike runs better. Re-jetting is only required on full systems.
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    Why would you ever changed a Akrapovic for a Yoshimura??? Thats like Bill Gates and welfare...anyway its a good rule to keep and thats "IF YOU CHANGE YOUR PIPE RE-JET"
    so if you change which you really shouldnt rejet your bike

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