Rider down? Or impounded?
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Thread: Rider down? Or impounded?

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    Rider down? Or impounded?

    I was out with the Mrs to get the Pacer up to temperature today and was heading towards Cypress.

    Entering the highway from the on ramp by the church meeting spot on Taylor Way, I could see red and blues in the distance on the southbound shoulder. A tow truck was picking up a dark sport bike with the police parked behind.

    Usually the Sūreté Nationale don't show up to breakdowns. Traffic was too heavy to take a long, lingering look so I have no further info.
    I love me them Hondas.

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    could be a no plate bike that got busted.
    Can see how it would be really tempting to go for a quick spin today.
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    Yeah...anyone taking their bike onto Hwy 1/99 with no plate/insurance deserves to have it taken away on a flatbed.

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