Give me tips for Las Vegas....leaving tomorrow
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Thread: Give me tips for Las Vegas....leaving tomorrow

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    Give me tips for Las Vegas....leaving tomorrow

    So I decided I want to go to Vegas for my birthday. My birthday is on thursday (24). And 5 minutes ago I booked tickets leaving tomorrow afternoon. So give me some tips and hints for partying and having a good time in vegas on a last minute trip.

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    Buy show tickets from the reseller booths - one on the sidewalk near the MGM or the other at the Fashion Show Mall ground level......roughly half price of face value.

    If you want to get drunk and party I suggest you buy some liquor at the store and knock back a couple before heading out. Drinks at the restaurants and clubs range from $10 for a draft beer to $15 for a cocktail so it adds up pretty quickly.

    Cover charges can be pretty steep for men and the lines can be long. I suggest checking with your hotel concierge to see what they can do for you and if any of those clubs are interesting. If you want something different look into the pub crawl party bus. It takes you to 4 or 5 clubs and gets the cover charge waived and even includes a few free drinks.
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    GOOD hookers and GOOD blow.

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    Just got back a few weeks ago, Some of those resellers are a bit of a scam. If it sounds good it probably is a scam. Nothing there is free!!! there is no free wi-fi. Free tickets mean there are other ways the get you. I got caught having to pay 20.00 for a coffee and a 2 drink minimum to see a "free show"

    SO much to do!! see shows! Blue Man was good! Go to the Gun Store and shoot fully automatic guns. Go th the Pawn store. Vegas Speedway for cars /bikes you can go on the track. Hoover Dam,

    Takes a Day to walk just one side of the street!!

    Look for coupon books in your Hotel.
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    If you gamble, tip the waitress really well, she'll keep you lubricated on free drinks.

    Wear comfortable shoes.

    If she looks like a working girl, she probably is.

    The Gold Coast and The Orleans are just off strip and have ridiculously cheap liquor stores.

    Freemont Street has cheaper tables, dollar drinks and a show on the ceiling. Beware the dollar shrimp cocktail.

    You can get a 24 hour buffet access to 7 different buffets for something ridiculous like 45 bucks.

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    1. You can get some wild Absinthe in Vegas.

    2. Gun rentals are awesome, aplenty, and automatic.

    3. Factor in bail money into the total trip cost.

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    treat yourself at the wynn hotel buffet. alaskan king crab till you puke!

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    the deep stack at the venetian!

    That is all!!

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    Slip a folded $20 under your credit card when you check in, and ask if they have any free upgrades available.

    + 1 to the party bus. You must get ahead of the lineups.
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    Don't get diseases.

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    larson ?

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    Had a couple friends tell me recently that the $20 spot at the hotel doesn't work any more......doesn't hurt to try though.

    Bring good shoes. That hotel that's "just over there" is probably the better part of a mile and half away.

    Plan an extra day when you get home to sleep it off.

    Bring minimal stuff, other than clothes. You'll only be spending 4-6 hours a day in your room, if that. In all honesty, all you need is travel doc's, couple of credit cards, small wad of cash and that's about it.

    As for beers, yes, hit the liquor store before hitting the town, spend the money on something else. There are a number of 'ABC Stores' along the strip. They sell cold singles as well.

    Planet Hollywood and a couple of other hotels have bikini-clad pole dancing girls around many of the tables, starting around 7PM.

    Set aside a bit of time to just sit and people watch. I once watched a couple get married in the hallway of the Mirage. And he was LATE because he was down at the Blackjack tables, lol

    And finally.............remember, BCSB'ers will not believe it happened unless you post pics.

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    bring warm clothes. It's -4C in Vegas right now, and doesn't look to let up the cold temps for a few days at least. If you are going to walk the strip at night, especially after a few drinks, make sure you are dressed warmly.
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