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Hi guys and gals how are you? I entered my email a male health mag on a site and had the email below and I think it is spam. Do you folks agree? Should I report it? Or do they have permission to send me such mails? Anyway, following is the mail I received. (Copy-pasted)

Hi, how are you all?? I want to know whether you too had received this kind of spam via email and what we can do about it to stop it. Anyone else facing a similar situation?

Following is what I received..

How to Make Your Penis Bigger

Making your penis bigger is one of the great concerns most men have. all of us know the difference that an extra inch or a couple could do, and after all it is your manhood.

You can study how to make your penis bigger if you search it on google and alternative search engines.

There are a lot of options to make your penis bigger, but just a few yields results. Some of the techniques are using pills, pumps etc.

We would recommend you to try Extenze (Google it), since we think that it is the best one to make your penis bigger.

Hope you found this useful.

Sean John
New Product Research


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