Where should i get my bike painted?
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Thread: Where should i get my bike painted?

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    Jamie A

    Question Where should i get my bike painted?

    Im looking to take my bodywork in tomorrow to get it painted. Ive done all the prep work, I just need it primed and sprayed. Anyone know of any good places? Thanks.

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    I've done quite a bit of looking into this. The lowest that I've been able to find were in the $400 range. I settled on a shop that a friend hooked me up with for $450. They were already doing one bike and had a sweet ass Supra that they were putting a body kit on. The only catch is it'll take them a few weeks. Most of the other shops with the low quotes had junky shops and seemed to get too excited when I came in. They are out in South Burnaby though. I would phone a few shops in North or West Van and see if they paint bikes first. There's some really good shops closer to where you as long as they have the time for a bike.

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    yeah me i own a bodyshop ! am gonna start work on mine soon damn its gonna be TIGHT!, but sorry cant help you out tho am all booked !

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    My last bike was painted at D&B Custom Painting. The guy does good work but just dont roll in BLING BLING or youll pay. Keep the conversation on the cheaper side and he will take pity. We had a big discussion about new riders with daddys credit cards he charges $$$. But if your serious rider, dont talk out of your ass he will give you a decent price (not great just decent). He is an older guy. looks like a harley rider but cant hold to much against him for that, lol. They also do helmets. Check out the ZX-7 they have in there. I think its his gfriends/wife. nice paint job.

    Oh and watch out for the dogs, there are like three huge mother fuckers there. Dont worry they only look like they will bite your head off

    D&B Custom Painting
    10-7228 Winston St
    Burnaby BC
    v5A 2G9
    Tel# 604.421.9717
    Fax# 604.421.9718
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