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    Question Merritt Racetrack

    Has anyone heard about Active Mountain Raceway in Merritt? I've checked their webpage (, and they claimed to have a finish date in 2002. Obviously this has not happened. Are they still proceeding with the project? Another track in BC is certainly a good thing for bikers, but only if it exists beyond blueprints. If you've got any info, let me (and everyone else) in on it.

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    Dont know anything about it's current status but i dont doubt it's on hold because of lack of funding.
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    STICK A FORK IN IT. the people funding the project pulled out. it's still milling about but i don't think its ever going to happen.

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    I'm amazed the $$$ are still being spent to keep the website up. Its a shame, 'cause the guys who started the ball rolling had shown business savvy with the bluegrass festival for years. Also, the chamber of commerce in Merritt was thrilled with the idea (try that in the GVRD!!).

    The only way they could really make it happen would be to grab something in the oval track area....but more yankee than CASCAR. Not my first preference, but sports cars and motorcycle races don't pay bills in North America

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    I heard that it was all go until the provincial government put the kybosh on using the road out of Merrit and demanded that they fund the total cost for a freeway offramp and the extension to the racing site. Supposedley Merrit city council came to his aid but there was no turning the good old idiots in Victoria. The astronomical cost of the ramps, overpass and extension killed the whole show apparently.

    But like I said that was just the story I heard. Can anyone confirm this?
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    I haven't heard of any specifics in years. Last gossip I have was the Provincial Gov't pulling out of the funding game and then the ship slowly sank. Crappy deal. I emailed the group back in 2000 full of excitement for details and received a response that basically said "stay tuned" for great things to come.

    If this was Quebec it would have been completed years ago...

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