Im back! Ready To Roll...
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Thread: Im back! Ready To Roll...

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    Im back! Ready To Roll...

    Hey everyone, well I have to say i've been scratching and itching my wounds for way too long. I finally bit the bug and insured on Monday. ICBC will only let me do 6 months at a time, I missed a payment last time so this is there way of "punishing me" , I can't wait, my riding season starts now! Woohoo! Work, School, Free Time..

    It's Mutha F%$King Bike Time! Im pumped, rain or shine it's on. Yeah I know, it's expected to be shitty weather still but that's ok, little bit of rain never hurt anyone

    Outdoors: Mmm so nice outside..


    Nice @$$:


    No Hom0:

    See you guys out there, I'm gonna go enjoy some wet.. rain.. riding

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShiftGear View Post

    See you guys out there, I'm gonna go enjoy some wet.. rain.. riding
    Heading out? Let us know how the ride was
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    I hate Kamloops...

    It's currently only 5 degs below my limit and positive temperatures only happen when it's raining...

    Enjoy your ride dude. My bike's insured all year, but I'm starting to think that was a mistake in my town.


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