This is much better than a boot to the head..
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Thread: This is much better than a boot to the head..

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    This is much better than a boot to the head..

    Get Well Soon Constable Jim Moir.......

    Mountie called hero after saving teen's life

    He will require months of rehabilitation
    Shane Bigham Feb 03, 2011 15:22:15 PM
    YALE (NEWS1130) - The quick and selfless actions of an RCMP officer in the Fraser Valley have saved a 15-year-old girl from certain injury or death.

    The teen was nearly hit by a sandtruck early this morning on Highway One. The truck lost traction, hit cars involved in a previous accident. The Mountie literally picked up the girl and threw her clear of the car that was pushed in her direction.

    But Constable Jim Moir could not save himself. He is an 18-year veteran of the force.

    Sergeant Peter Thiessen describes his injuries. "He [has] a crushed leg, he's undergone surgery and now he's going to require some extensive recovery time and physiotherapy."

    The girl was not injured.
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    Nice to read a positive story on the RCMP from time to time. Heal quick, officer.

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    I just wish there were more stories like that. Minus the officer being injured part.
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    get well soon

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    Probably just a PR stunt......

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    JIM MOIR? That sucks he is one of the good cops out there . Super nice guy likes bikes

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    Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by Son of Lars View Post
    Nice to read a positive story on the RCMP from time to time. Heal quick, officer.
    We are quick to criticize, but we should be as quick to praise.
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    I am quick to praise... I've seen enough youtube videos of sliding uncontrollable cars down ice roads to know that being in the wrong place at the wrong time could spell disaster. Talking about getting trapped between a hard place and another hard place... and a sand truck.

    Fucking heroic is all I could say. Get well soon.


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