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Thread: Your opinion on news media

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    Your opinion on news media

    Curious to see what you guys think of the current media. Do you think the mainstream media (Vancouver Sun, CNN, BBC, Fox, NY Times, etc) is truly informative (complete, little bias, considers all sides of an argument) or somewhat informative but biased for entertainment value. Do you wish it to be different?
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    I hate polls almost as much as I hate the media....

    TV news is a joke, printed is getting just as bad, perhaps because they think they need to be to compete, when in reality it is a generation raised by TV and not actually reading anything that is the larger problem.
    It seems even newspapers are aligning themselves to a political angle, and feeding the left vs right "conflict" for lack of a better word.
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    If it bleeds, it leads
    It's all about sensationalism
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shovelhead View Post
    If it bleeds, it leads
    It's all about sensationalism

    Exactly, and it should be one of the poll options too.
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    Spinning right round baby right round.

    I avoid like the plague. I'd much rather pick up on the local/city rags.

    I devote the time that most people spend watching the traditional news, and spend that time on sports, particularly hockey. According to the wife, too much time, but what does she know?

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    Fox news is like a soap.

    Here's a full length (270 minutes) streaming PBS Frontline documentary titled "News Wars". Holy shit I didn't realize it was 270 minutes long...

    It's pretty sad... but at least one media organization (PBS) is exposing this heated competition for ratings.

    I hate kamloops... this is what I do at night, watch documentaries...

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    the media is all full of lies. Lies I say, just lies.

    I was interviewed one time on a contraversial subject and the reporter asked me about a specific issue, which she got wrong facts. I corrected her THREE times during the interview and what do I see reported in the paper the next day?? Stil the incorrect fact that she had all along. What a bitch. I knew she did that only to incite public fear, anger and stir more controversy, only because it creates more sensationalistic journalism. I learn never to trust or read any of her stories any more in the newspaper. I tell everyone about her too who talk about her articles.

    After that I refused to do anymore interviews, even when Global TV asked me to do one, more than once. (Gina Yu and John Venavally Rao, and Mi Jung Lee)

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    Canadian Media are mostly Liberal heavy. I like American media better, because there are a least choices.
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    ^^ media is the plural of medium. "Medias" is not a word.

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    This Hour Has 22 Minutes is better news than CNN or Fox. I can't even stomach it for a minute.
    In fact, I can't remmeber the last time I could watch any American newscast.
    I try and catch the BBC for a different view. Sometimes the CBC is a bit boring, but I still prefer it over most of what's ouot there. CTV is okay.
    The Cobert Report, that's worth watching!
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    90% of it all, is utter shit. Sensationalized to sell commercials.

    Two things I want to see on the news.

    1) What's actually going on in my neighborhood, stuff that's actually happening to my neighbors, like if someone is getting robbed or shot.

    2) The long range weather forcast (even if it's usually wrong)

    let's make it 3) Local sports only.

    Really I don't give a shit what is going on in Iran, Russia or Japan, or what dirt lump of a country had an earthquake or tidal wave.

    We need to look after each other, locally. Spend our money on our people if we want to help, spend our money buying locally to support each other.

    The fear mongering in the news is all a plot to get you to spend elsewhere, Wal-mart, send your money to Haidi etc.....fuck Haidi, fuck China.

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    I'm pretty glad we are able to access news that doesn't just make us closed minded hill-billies, but all form of communication has an agenda built into it. That being said, in the day of the internet we have way more choice and aren't bounded in by geographical boundaries. Actually the NY Times, the BBC and The Guardian are quite great reads with opposing viewpoints, opinions and editorial. Television is a poor medium for news because the brain is basically comatose and the viewer doesn't have the ability to pause, repeat or ponder the info; just suck it in like zombies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holyrain View Post
    Television is a poor medium for news because the brain is basically comatose and the viewer doesn't have the ability to pause, repeat or ponder the info; just suck it in like zombies.
    Having said that, do you think the corporations that own the media think that television is a poor medium for the news? They can say whatever they want, biased or not, and the people (generally speaking) will accept it as truth, because they're too lazy to try and find another opinion on a given matter, or do their own research. Actually, maybe lazy is the wrong term to use, apathetic is more along the lines of what I meant.

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    I work in the media, on the front lines. I can honestly say that our industry has suffered a huge drop in quality and credibility over the past decade.
    The race to be first has compromised real journalistic principles, ethics and procedures. Like the Pat Burns is dead fiasco.
    I don't see the mainstream media getting any better soon, as they race to beat each other and the billions of bloggers out there.
    Any idiot with a camera and a wifi link thinks they can be a journalist, without any kind of training. Things can be spun however the individual wants to.
    That being said, we are probably entering an age of the most honest, unfiltered and unedited journalism, because of the easy access the masses via the internet.
    Whether that is a good thing or bad remains to be seen.

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