Has anyone ever been here?
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Thread: Has anyone ever been here?

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    Angel Girl

    Has anyone ever been here?

    We're thinking about going here in December. Have any BCSBers gone to the Maldives? If so, any comments, suggestions?

    Maldives - The Last Paradise
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    I haven't been there, but I'm gonna be going to Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort in the summertime. When I clicked your link it looked almost similar with the water bangalos.

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    Ask CDG, he probably has a place there...or already owns that place.
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    I almost went

    I had a job in Sri Lanka a couple of times and I always thought of going there.

    You have to be a very big fan of,

    1. Quiet times on beautiful beaches, alone or with your travel companion.

    2. Diving

    3. Surfing

    Because that's it! The Islands are very small, only one or two hotels each and there's not much else to do. But all of these activities are fantastic there and maybe the best in the world. It just seemed too quiet for me and very expensive when Thailand is so close and way cheaper.

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    Lightbulb Maldives hmmmmm

    My friends dad was an ambassador in maldives.. he said that it constitutes of like millions of small islans, and you have to go by boat around town...... hear it was a paradise, not much info on the night life though.... but i think that since its a tourist destination, things are gonna be pricyyyyyyyyyyy...

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    Originally posted by Dalton
    Ask CDG, he probably has a place there...or already owns that place.

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