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    Question question about traffic court

    i am going to court. i have the officers work schedule. hes a highway officer. I think he's 4 days on 4 days off. he doesn't work the day of the court date.

    just wondering if he will show on his day off.

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    It's scheduled by computer, even if he's off... he is more than welcome to show and get paid.

    Good luck!

    The courthouse has the officer schedule and it's booked accordingly. Hoping you are getting off of
    a ticket because you show up and the officer doesn't is the worst plan.

    20 years ago, good chance. These days, not very likely.
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    Like Bandito says, court dates and work schedules are hooked together by the 'puter program.

    On the rare times when there are scheduling differences and the member is scheduled for his day off? Double bubble, meals and 51 cents/km is hard to pass up for a few hours of clean, safe work.
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    How did you get his work schedule?

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    According to CBC, 40% of the time traffic officers don't attend court dates...not the worst plan at all.

    In the first half of 2009, traffic officers attended court dates 58.7 per cent of the time. That's up from just fewer than 50 per cent in 2007 and 2008.
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    That percentage would include officers from all departments...including things like GIS, dogs, ident, general duties etc. They are less likely to attend due to job requirements outside traffic duties. Get a Traffic Services or Muni Traffic member and they get paid to be in traffic court. Trials are scheduled on their work days so they will be there unless for some sort of emergency situation.

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