Couples doing stunts
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Thread: Couples doing stunts

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    Couples doing stunts

    I was riding on the back of my boyfriends bike the other day, when i remembered watching a dvd that featured some stunt couples. I tryed some simple standing up, and thought it was kinda exciting. So i was wondering if anyone has any links with couples doing stunts, so i can get some ideas? (pictures, videos, etc.)
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    Check out Urban Assault. It's old but it has couple's.

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    man thats so cool that your in to stunts with your b/f. Too bad hes a fag. You gotta be like the coolest girl doin stunts and stuff. Wow. Its quite a bike you got there too. Take it easy on her, i learned on her and never dumped (was close though). may you do the same. Peace darlin.
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