Cattermole beach resort..
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Thread: Cattermole beach resort..

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    Cattermole beach resort..

    since no one posts here anymore,get out riding its mint out there,here a few from cattermole yesterday.goin back today and tomorrow. come on out for a blast in the sand.

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    Nice! Picking up 2 dirt bikes this weekend for my wife and I, and can't wait to get out riding.

    Great pics, looks like you had the bikes set on "hover"!

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    I have been to Peg Leg but have no idea where Cattermole is. I hear it is West of Peg on the river. Brian Enns was going to take us there last year but it was flooded in some areas so we never made it. Anyone have directions?
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    Old Orchard Rd. East side Chilliwack Mnt been riding there since the late 70s its sweet you can unload anywhere a Fun place to burn up Gas

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