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    new to bcsportbikes

    hi everyone, i've been trying for quite awhile now to find some resources to help me get my 1982 cx 500 project off the ground and the google sent me here...does anyone on here have a chopped, bobbed or customized cx 500? i would love any input or ideas.

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    Try here...

    You won't find much love for chopper anything on this forum.
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    True enough, there is not much chopped/bobber/customized of that bike on here.
    As a mechanic, I would have said pick almost any other bike. It isn't the strongest motor as far as I'm concerned. Not to disrespect your project, but that motor has mechanical faults right from the factory. Not the right V! Cam chains for one, and ease of replacement of worn parts for another. Just me, but I think you're smart to research before spending.
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    Google must be broken.

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    I seen one at one of the bike shows, I thought it was well done and looked unusually good. So much you can do with a V twin. They all look the same to me.

    This was what every V twin owner claims they are unique!

    If the motor had more power it would be really cool!

    Good luck! post up a photo!
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    Wait, wasn't this just posted a couple weeks earlier?

    [Edit]: Blerg, the other thread closed! Gotta put my comments here!

    You won't find chopper fans here. But you will find cafe fans. Why? There's no sport in choppers, but there is sport in cafe racers.

    See cafe reference image for your CX500:

    Different from this: a chopper

    I agree, the motor is pretty awesome. Have you seen the new Moto Guzzi 7v?

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    OP is from pittsburgh. another troll.

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