VW: The Force commercial
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Thread: VW: The Force commercial

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    VW: The Force commercial

    I thought this was pretty funny, something my nephew would be doing

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    I like.
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    I can relate. Apparently, (according to my mom), I wore a Darth Vader mask almost exclusively for the first 4 (or more!) years of my life.
    Then whenever someone would come over, I'd be found at the top of the stairs, wearing the mask and a cape, just standing there making ominous "whoooo-paaaaaa" breathing noises....

    That, and I still try to move things with my mind a lot.
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    A by-product of Superbowl 2011, great ad, showed my kids a few days ago, loved it.
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    That 200c commercial was pretty kick ass too.

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    So awesome. I'd totally mess with a kid like that. lol
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