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Same as the others

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I was waiting for someone to suggest the Busa lol

Anyways, the OP is hoping to do PRS on Monday so he'll be able to get a feel of the 250cc there.

I'm a new ride rand went for the 250r.

Btw, David, tell Jenn I'm taking the course on Monday too so we can start riding after that!

Don't listen to these fools... listen to ME

1. Don't worry about GEAR.. or a riding school. Go get THIS!

2. After you get this BAD BOY! This is your new gear...

3. For a small price.. (Case of beer.. some PIZZA.. Mmmmm) I will teach you how to ride in a straigh line, the ocassional small turn, how to speed burst that bad boy and MOST IMPORTANT... how to PARK. This is crucial and key.... Starbucks is the #1 BIKER ZONE! Dude you get really really good at parking your bike... babes... all... OVER! done! Double Double Java and some silicon.. that's the beauty of motorcycles..

4. Lastly... Gear... PSHHHHHHHH... don't listen to these fool's. Wear a sweater and some nice GUESS, RW&CO, MEXX or GAP Jeans, some nice PUMA shoes (great wind resistance on those) and some nice jewellery your set. As for a helmet.. YOU CAN ONLY BUY A HELMET NO LESS IN VALUE THEN $1000.

I recommend SHOEI, ARAI... that's it. You get some MOTOGP replica's and dude.. can you say BIATCHES on your $%^#!!!!!


Its a sin to ride in any weather less than 25 C and AND... it has to be SUNNY

ps. Sandals for bonus points... I heard.. I dunno if it's true.. Surrey girls LOVE sandals....