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    San Francisco

    Has anybody done this trip before? i want to do it in the next couple of months. i want to go mostly through the coast. i have gone to SF several times but usually on zero time so I-5 only, and in a cage. but i want to do it in about 2-3 days? hotels, maybe camping, but i wanted to do it with minimal stuff with me. ie: leathers, rain suit, backpack (?). and thats it.

    i want to go at my own pace, which is, for those that know me, generally NOT slow. so if you want to go with me you can. if your faster than me, great cause i will keep up with you. i also may be staying awhile in SF, so if your on a timeline you may have to return solo style!!

    anyways, i am looking to get info from people that have done this route with respect to possible glitches or info on unexpected things along the way. i may camp, but i doubt it... rest is good for tired legs after 700km!! alos what IS the best route to take?

    one more thing... anybody have advice about security while doing these trips, with respect to parking your bike in a parking lot at a hotel? i am pretty paranoid about this so i have like two locks for trips.

    thanks guys....
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    Talk to Limitededition, he was planning on doing the trip in the next month or two. He asked me I could come, but I can't get away from work.

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    here's a good way to do it...

    take the I-5 directly... shortest time to San Francisco. then make your way home along the Pacific Coast Hwy1 or the Coast 101. couple of reasons...
    1.) trying to make time heading South on the 101 (Washington/Oregon) sucks due to the high number of tourist traps (read small towns) and RV's and generally bad drivers on twisty roads.
    2.) once you're done visiting San Francisco(truly a MOTORCYCLE CITY!!!) then you can meander up the coast and take a bit of a leisurely pace to get back North. there are a LOT of beautiful places to camp or stay especially on a bike... and some of the mountain passes that alternate between the PCH Hwy 1 and the 101 are nothing short of AMAZING for TWISTIES!!!!
    3.) the cliff is on the other side of the road when heading North... hahaha.

    from experience i've found that making time on the I-5 is a great way to just GET THERE. then you can really have a HOOT playing on the twisties on the way home. San Francisco is an awesome town for motorcycles and sportbike enthusiasts. be sure to check out a bar called ZEITGEIST. i think it's in the Filmore District... Monday night is bike night if i recall correctly... and there a lot of good shops in the Golden Bay Area.

    hope these tips helped...
    have a great ride and a good time!

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    Did the trip a few years ago. Excellent!! Just plan out the ride some what so that your destination at the end of the day will have a place to camp, otherwise you'll end up in the bushes using the engine to keep you warm while fighting off werewolves, taradactals and Bigfoot. I wouldn't trust your bike for 1/10th of a second left unattended. My friend and I had to take turns paying for gas as the "locos" were moving in as we were gasin' up. The senery is amazing and the switch backs are frightening. Enjoy!!!
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    Here's my advice after taking a nice new bike through Nevada and California...

    1. Plan room for a decent sized lock and chain so that you can attach your bike to something.

    2. Get a cheap Gorilla alarm so that you can hear whether someone is tampering with your bike. They work great, and can be installed inside the rear fairing of your bike so as to not take any of the precious underseat area.

    3. Don't miss the 101 and the ride through the redwood forrest. Personally, I don't think I could take riding the I5 the whole way. If It was me, I would ship the bike to Portland and start there. hey, why not end the trip with some new tires and a Portland track day?

    4. Remember to make room for expanded tool kit -- chain lube, zap straps, duct tape, air pressure gauge.

    Alternatively, if you have the cash...

    ship your bike to Las Vegas, ride the awesome canyons and then ride to LA and up the coast or through Yosemite park. Then ride all the way home. That is basically what I did.

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    Great idea! Actually luckiechickie and I were planning on heading down there via the coast during the first week of August

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    Go before the middle of May to avoid the tourist and take a few pairs of gloves because the coastal fog will drown anybody.

    This is a great link to California's finest motorcycle roads.

    Keep us posted and I may be able to sneak off with you. I'm considering WSB weekend in Laguna but the traffic at that time of year really sucks so May is more tempting.

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    head down to the Flying Swan. They are planning a trip to Laguna and will be riding down. All the details are there or you can contact flyingbusa.
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    take the battery out of the bike before you go to bed, only takes five min
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