Real estate tax advice
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Thread: Real estate tax advice

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    Real estate tax advice

    Can anyone recommend a good tax accountant, with some experience in real estate?

    Need some tax advice and want to review some decisions with a reputable professional.

    Thanks in advance.
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    They're professionals when it comes to emptying a pocket book so if you decide to go that route remember that you are not paying them to be with you.

    You're paying them to leave.

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    just send you PM

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larance66 View Post
    You contact with tax lawyer because lawyer are expert related to the tax and country law. Otherwise search on internet expert of tax information they give important suggestion. In real estate there are many tax expert if you consult with you get rid of your problem.
    Wrong country, it's done differently up here. We don't get lawyers to solve all our problems for us.

    PM me with some of the details (personal sale/acquisition, business/development, inheritance estate kind of issue etc.) and I could steer you towards someone. Even in tax there are some subspecialties.

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