Motorcycle noise ticket quashed
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Thread: Motorcycle noise ticket quashed

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    Motorcycle noise ticket quashed

    Heres something I found from Edmonton.

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    The officers I know are rarely writing tickets for noise. It's usually an inspection order the rider/driver gets which requires them to go to an inspection facility ...... and there is no fighting that.
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    If this guy has two tickets already, his bike is too noisy....
    Quote Originally Posted by Zug View Post
    Peewee and Kevin from Bayside should get together and start a bike shop called, Fuck you and the bike you rode in on.

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    Ride normally and follow the rules, the LEO's will leave you alone even if you have loud pipes. (I know this from experience)

    Ride like an asshole reving your bike to 15,000 rpm trying to get the attention of that hot chick waiting at the bus stop, then you're asking for it.

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    I had a set of Termis on my ducati and I was getting about 4 to 5 tickets a season on my pipes. And I wasn't driving like a lunatic or trying to get the attention of a hot babe like a loser douche bag.

    From my experience I don't mod my bike anymore, I leave it the way it is. I'm tired of being bothered by the cops.

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    Was it David Hough that said to only break one law at a time? So either speed with a stock bike or mod your bike but behave and you're less likely to get noticed.
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    I have reaaaallly loud Termis on my Ducati. Like retarded loud. Like hammer of Thor smashing your face loud.

    Loud pipes do not stop dumb ass drivers from merging right on top of you on city streets or on the highway.

    If you have loud pipes on your bike, do us all a favour and keep the revs down in the city. Don't wind it out on the bridges. The people who hear your bike aren't fellow road users but rather pedestrians and people trying to enjoy peace and quiet in their downtown apartments.

    It is possible to enjoy owning a bike with loud pipes while generally avoiding excessive noise tickets. Just like it's possible to own a 170HP crotch rocket and not get speeding tickets. It's all about knowing when to keep a low profile.
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    i have the race kit on my 1198s and without the baffles installed i have never had a problem on the street or at trackdays

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    around town, keep the DB inserts in...

    otherwise it is annoying, loud as all hell surrounded by buildings

    out for the weekend... on the open road.. let 'er scream...

    Quote Originally Posted by Land Roving
    Life is too short to own ugly motorcycles.

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    he has an old Honda standard... how can he possibly be loud if his exhaust is in proper working condition?
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    Thats all fine and good for people in Alberta ,but here the Db limit is 91 across the board.This level has been set based on nothing as far as I can tell and is the lowest noise level regulation I have seen anywhere.
    Many stock bikes would fail this test
    Even the cops that tested my bike were surprised I failed.
    So as far as I can tell this case is of no help to us.
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    I just want to know where I can get one of the shirts on vstromgreg's post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetshoes View Post
    I just want to know where I can get one of the shirts on vstromgreg's post.
    Here you go:

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