Balding for Dollars - Does it really help?
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Thread: Balding for Dollars - Does it really help?

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    Balding for Dollars - Does it really help?

    Balding for Dollars - Does it really help?

    The simple answer is yes.

    I received a phone call 7 am in the morning and it was one of my best friends, who's son is admitted into the Children's Hospital, my world came crashing down when he told me that my god-son has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia - which is the cancer of the blood. He's only 12 years old.

    I have been fortunate to be associated with Bernie's Balding for Dollars for the last 12 years. Bernie and I were extremely humbled when Colin Edwards, Josh Hayes, Richie Alexander, Rich Oliver, Mike Sullivan and Jason Pridmore decided to lend a hand in our past event. Even with their busy schedule, they knew that the headache of juggling their schedules or enduring a long flight from Japan (Colin Edwards) to Vancouver was nothing compare to what the kids have to endure.

    In the past I have always understood why these fund raisers were important, but with the events in the last day I have seen my godson in pain and I am starting to (really) comprehend the long road that these brave kids must travel. Things have changed for me - now, it`s personal and it hurts.

    I have heard that there is about 375 kids admitted to the Children's Hospital a year with some form of Leukemia. At the hospital I meet a lady named Jill, who had to leave her home and job in Duncan so her son can receive treatment (in Vancouver). I mentioned Bernie`s efforts and she says that she had received some financial help from Balding for Dollars Organization - money that she desperately needed. She has never meet Bernie or any one of you that have attended Bernie`s event - but she thanks you.

    The money goes directly for the families in need.

    Please give us a hand and join us at Bernie`s 12th Annual Balding for Dollars effort. Your efforts does help.

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    I was just diagnosed with cancer, Going to the clinics, hospitals, specialists is a huge eye opener. Sure personally being sick is hard but I figure I had a great life so far,

    Its sitting in the waiting rooms, meeting some of the people, whom are no longer here in the short time since I been diagnosed, JUST weeks ago loosing my cousin to cancer, my aunt is now in the hospital terminal and me checking in on the end of the month. I find tears just writing this thinking about the little girl I saw last visit crying to her mom that she didnt want to be sick anymore.

    I have always donated to the Burn fund, Ride for the cure, ect. And I did wonder if it helps.

    As a former racer I been busted up a fair bit and seen friends very hurt. Going through the cancer clinics is a whole different experience. The care givers are amazing! (thanks if you are) The rooms, beds, and nurses are totally different than if I went in with a self inflicted injury. I go for X rays, Cat scans, Blood tests and am treated with such a different level of care.

    I wish all the best for your god son!

    I thank everyone that took time or donated to the cause!

    People like Bernie are a very special person. Thanks Bernie, Cory, and everyone who gets their hair cut!

    This disease doesnt pick who gets it, You seen the stories on TV, the movie stars, I recently heard Jeremy McGrath's family is going through it.

    It's crazy! Like 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men will get it.
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