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    just add water

    a woman walks into her doctor's office with a black eye and bruises.

    "my god" the doctor says. "what happened?"

    "my husband" she replies. "everytime he comes home drunk, he hits me."

    the doctor thought for a moment and then said "next time your husband comes home drunk, have a glass of water ready. put as much water as you can in your mouth and swish it around repeatedly until he decides to go to bed."

    puzzled, she asks, "are you sure it will work?"

    "i believe it will" says the doctor. "please let me know after you have tried a few times."

    sure enough, that night the husband comes home drunk and immediately the wife fills her mouth with water and begins to swish. low and behold, within 15 minutes, the husband passes out in bed without laying a hand on his wife.

    amazed, the wife tries it a second and a third time with the same success.

    a few weeks later, the wife returns to the doctor to report her results.

    "but doctor" she says. "i don't understand. what does the water have to do with my husband not wanting to beat me?"

    the doctor quips, "nothing at all. you just have to learn how to keep your mouth shut."

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    Hahahaha. Gonna have to remember this one
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