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    This from CNN

    Breaking News:

    CNNreports: Beginning in spring 2011 Gas stations will start showing PORN movies on the screens of the pumps so that you can watch someone else get screwed the same time that you do.

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    Just because it has creeped up 3 cents/liter over the past 5 days ......
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    you have never been to Europe have you?

    Gas is so cheap here its unreal!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mosquito View Post
    you have never been to Europe have you?

    Gas is so cheap here its unreal!
    Sure is, few seem to understand that though.
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    Ha! I was gonna start my own thread.....I just went to get some fuel for my truck...told the gal I want $100.00 of diesel....I went and put $100 in in...looked at my fuel gauge and WTF!!! a half a tank???? Normally $100 nearly fills it.

    Looked at the sign to see what I paid and its a $1.30 a liter...

    Last time it was $1.07...

    Last night they were just saying how the price of groceries are gonna go up 5%...

    I can tell you I will not be getting an increase in wages,,,How the fuck can you get ahead now a days at say $25.00 per hour...

    When I was being paid $25 A house was about $100000, Gas was 30-40 cents a liter, $200.00 would fill a shopping cart...

    Good luck with life!
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    yup, we are fucked.

    What suppressed the inflation during the 90s boom is technology. We can built things much more effective than before. (oversea, advance in material, smarter design, cookie cutter products, etc.)

    Now, we hit the plateau, not enough R&D in the pass 10years. Things just can't keep cutting corners while we are addicted to buying junk. Cost is going up across the board, purchasing power is going down. Bad bad storm is coming...

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