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    Sparx Helmets

    I have really taken a shine to a Sparx full face helmet. I have read really mixed reviews online, and much of the info out there seems to be about their dirt helmets. Any here actually own one of these? How do you like it? How does it stack up? Thanks.

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    I worked in a bike shop for a year and IMHO the best value for the dollar brand is scorpion, hands down. Don't know what your budget is, but EXO400's can be had for pretty cheap.

    The best helmet fitter in the lower mainland, Rob Goth, can be found at Daytona motorsports which is on King George boulevard two blocks north of 108th. It's just across the Patullo bridge and up the hill a bit from where you live.

    good luck

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    i got a sparx s-07 just a few weeks ago. ridden with it only a couple times so far, but its doing pretty well so far. thankfully i have yet to wreck in one, but they have that "crashed helmet" policy where if you wreck and send them a copy of the police report, they'll send you a brand new one. i think its a pretty solid way to "support the riders" as it were.

    their graphics are pretty stellar. i've got the "master" edition and the matte finish on it is sick. the interchanging visor system is pretty seemless, altho so are almost all of them out there these days.

    so basically, i have no complaints about it so far. lining is comfortable and vents do their job. and for the price, i think their graphics trump the exo-400's.

    just a note, they do fit average shaped heads, BUT they are sized a bit small. (ie. i wore a medium HJC, now im wearing a large sparx) so definitely try them on if you get a chance first.

    my bruce lee helmet below asian pride. haha

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