is there anywhere online to see the races?
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Thread: is there anywhere online to see the races?

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    04 gsxr 600 race

    is there anywhere online to see the races?

    since i sold my house, i am renting an apartment and the cheap assed land lord doenst have digital cable. Does anyone know where I can watch the races, either live or recorded online? I cant seem to find them on speedtv so....


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    I have found some torrents of races but they're usually in another language, which doesn't matter all that much cause their names are the same =)
    but you're watching the race well after its happened..

    I'm debating buying the package off the motogp site (i dont have a television either) lol but its like 99 pounds so around 150 canadian?

    If there's anywhere to stream live I would love to know as well

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