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    Auto Detailer's in LMD

    The Pacer suffered a camshaft sensor failure about 6-8 weeks ago. Luckily, Son Of Lars is adept at working on cars with 3 initials in their name and was able to set me on my way.

    I contacted the dealership that sold me the car and they offered up a "Spa Treatment" (holy faaack, that sounds pompous) valued at $425 as a consolation. I'm more than happy to wash 'n wax my own vehicles, but I figured a $425 detail must be fantastic. And you want your AMC "Mellow Yellow Lustre-Guard" paintjob and matching "Bravado" vinyl top to receive the best attention it can get. I've never had this kind of thing done before, mainly due to my built in "frugality" (read cheapness).

    I took the car in, left it for 7 hours and grabbed it after checking out all the excitement of Richmond.

    The end result was a job that was noticeably less than what I can do by myself with 4 hrs in my garage. And I am by no means a professional detailer. Just 40 years of "wax on, wax off" on cars, trucks, motorcycles and aircraft. Some Mothers 3 stage cleaner/polish/wax, an orbital polisher and some old bath towels to finish it off.

    So the question I pose to the proletariat of BCSB, when you decide to have a full detail done - do you do it yourselves or pay someone?

    If you choose the latter, who is a great detailer? I don't know if I'll spend the coin but it would be nice to know of somebody in case the urge hits me. The closest I have found with good recommendations are these guys in Seattle -
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    You should have dropped a few hundred at a Richmond Spa and had your knob polished... then you'd have been as spic and span as the pacer.
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    That sucks to hear. When I worked at the AMC dealer, I had my Hornet detailed with the same salon package, and was very happy. Hendrick is usually very good.

    But, if you want it done right, and for less than $425, give VTwinVince a PM. He's the man, and a big fan of AMC.

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