A tribute to a giant
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Thread: A tribute to a giant

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    A tribute to a giant

    Watch the vid. Enjoy the retribution, both swift and powerful.

    In an upside down world, justice is finally served.


    Made my day.
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    They're professionals when it comes to emptying a pocket book so if you decide to go that route remember that you are not paying them to be with you.

    You're paying them to leave.

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    The moral: when you poke a bear with a stick enough times, eventually the bear sticks it up your ass.

    Sweet powerbomb!
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    I thought this thread might be about Owesly Stanely.

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    Funny thing....I seem to remember that the bully was always bigger than me, not the other way around. Oh well....kids today, I guess.

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    Interesting insight into the situation from a commenter:

    I’m not too sure what kind of geographic audience is here reading but I for one live in Sydney’s Western Suburbs (the region where this incident took place). I am also around Corey’s age.

    The younger ‘bully’ here meets the stereotype of what in Western Sydney is called a ‘lad’. The definition of a lad is accessed on Urban Dictionary (will also be listed under adlay – this group of ‘lads’ speak in pig Latin quite frequently). These kids instil fear into anyone; young or old walking the streets. Western Sydney has become a much more fearful place; no longer can we walk down the streets, go to the shops or even travel in our trains without having some form of suspicion about these kids. They wear those Nike dri-fit hats and TN’s (like the bully appears to be wearing). These kids threaten anyone with violence (more often than not with weapons), will often abuse others in groups, travel in packs and gangs, and will steal from anyone anything they can get. In schools, these aren’t your normal bully. They intimidate and stand over everyone and anyone.

    The police are fearful of these gangs…school principals and teachers wouldn’t dare challenge these kids. The everyday public steer clear at all costs. This is a problem which spans the entire Western Sydney region, an area almost 3000 square kilometres. What Corey did is far more significant than standing up for himself against some little playground bully….he stood up for the entire population who lives in fear and feels restricted in their everyday movements because of the group of people the little bully represent. This is a criticism of the structure of society and the ineffectual methods of punishment for young children who have strayed off the rails. I’m glad Corey made it as powerful as possible.

    So to Corey, thanks for standing up on behalf of everyone in Western Sydney and in communities around the world who are fearful of these groups of delinquents. The whole world is behind you.

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