Does anyone have a good lawyer
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Thread: Does anyone have a good lawyer

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    Does anyone have a good lawyer

    I am trying to find out if anyone has a good lawyer that they could recomend for a customer of mine.
    My cust was riding his bike on Lougheed Hwy heading towards Maple Ridge speeding passed a marked police car, the cop pulled him over.
    His friend pulled up about a min later in a truck, to find out whats happenin.
    A really nice citizan stopped and told the officer that he saw that bike street racing with a truck. Because of that nice citizen my cust looses his licence for 24 months and gets a $500 speeding ticket and 30 day inpoundment, witch will cost about $1000 to get his bike out of the impound. The same goes for his friend that just pulled in the truck.
    My cust asked the cop if he knew how fast he was going and cop didn't know.

    Has anyone run into the same proble, or have any advice on what to do.

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    OH FUCK!!!!!! that does it. galldangnabbit.

    i hope your buddy got a positive i.d. on the "friendly citizen" , cuz i want to beat the piss out of whoever that is. (unmercifully)

    I'm sure you buddy could contest it and win successfully, so long as there's only one complaint from that one citizen.
    i'm sure it'd be their word against that citizen.
    however if there's more drivers outhere willin to say otherwise, i'm thinkin your buddy is hooped.

    I know a few lawyers and i'll ask 'em their opinion soon as i see 'em


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    Maybe someone at BCCOM can help you? They seem interested in the new street-racing laws.

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    Vince Michaels is THE best criminal driving lawyer. 604-270-4112.
    He has represented myself and josh1280topic. The man. PM me for details about my case.

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    The police will have to build there case solely on the testimony of the "good citizen", who is not an expert witness. I think a good lawyer could have a field day with that one.

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    After reading that Bubba was stolen and now this I am about to FU(KEN lose it !!!!!

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    Karl Hungus
    Bike was racing a truck ??? For what 35 feet? I can't see how the judge could take that one seriously, even these days...

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    I don't understand how the truck driver got a ticket as well Simply because someone else said they were racing

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    Originally posted by VTwinVince
    The police will have to build there case solely on the testimony of the "good citizen", who is not an expert witness. I think a good lawyer could have a field day with that one.
    I want to sit in on this one and watch.

    I sit on this weird board ( too, part of it which focuses on street racing and I'll think I'll bring this up with them as well. They're interested in both sides of the issue.

    I hate "eyewitness" reports. They're sheep, grain fed by the media on what "street racers" look like and what their "street racing machines" look like.

    I used too many "quotations" in this post. I think I might "just" be using them wrong now"."
    BCSB- Moderator

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    You should advice him to contact BCCOM. I read an article published by them (in fact, I got it from Carter Coquitlam last Feb.) there was a guy doing 180 and got pulled over, and the cop charged him with road racing. His argument was, he was indeed speeding but wasn't racing, so he contacted BCCOM.

    Anyways I don't remember exactly how the story went, but I can look it up if necessary once I got home. PM me if you need more info.

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    Get involved with BCCOM.. Jim McN.. (forget his last name), is a very involved member/ administrator and a lawyer who is active in fighting the whole "street racing" issue. I know based on my previous attendance at a few of their meetings that they had one guys license re-instated once it was clear that BCCOM would fight the ticket for him.
    ...IMO, BCCOM is an organisation we ALL need to get more involved with, or at least be informed of their involvement with different areas the sport... such as Atom's mention of their advocacy of free motorbike parking areas.

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    First and foremost you have to dispute the ticket. In doing so the officer will have to bring up the witness to testify what they saw and the officer who issued ticket. Your going to be hooped either way if you lose but at least you get to face all your accusers. Most witnesses when called forth are usually reluctant in coming forth. They can accuse from afar but when they face you it's a different story. For all you know it's some old lady with coke bottle glasses. If you do successfully overturn the ticket, then the suspension, fine, and impound can then be asked for release and reversal.
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    Interesting situation. Your customer sped past a marked police car. Just wondering how fast your customer was going that he couldn't see the police car ahead of him and slow down in time. Then after the police officer stoped your customer, your customer's buddy pulled up in his truck to see what had occured. Coincidence? After that some citizen pulled up and advised the police officer that the bike and this truck had been racing each other. The police officer then acted on this information.

    I wonder if this "citizen" was an off duty police officer whose observations were then utilized by the other officer who gave your customer the ticket and towed his bike. Only through a court hearing will your customer ever know.

    I don't think there is a $500 speeding ticket. To receive a speeding ticket for $460, one has to be doing in excess of 61 km/hr of the speed limit. For an officer to have issued this ticket and then say that he didn't know how fast your customer was going doesn't sound right. $1000 to retrieve his bike sounds a little high. Who gave him that info? Has he confirmed this amount with the tow company?

    I hope I didn't open up a can of worms...

    Anyways good luck.

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    WTF? Yeah, dispute it. I wonder if the (!@#$%) "citizen" would come forward, let alone be able to positively identify the bike and truck "beyond a reasonable doubt". Nevermind the fact that the cop didn't know how fast the bike was going.

    This incident is just BS.
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    Contact BC Com they will definatly help you out...
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