Outlet Malls in WA?
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Thread: Outlet Malls in WA?

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    Outlet Malls in WA?

    So my girlfriend started a new job a couple weeks ago and finally got her first pay cheque as a educated woman anyways she wanted to go shopping for work clothes this weekend so i thought i would see if anyone knew any outlet malls in WA that are good?

    let me know, Thanks.


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    About 45 minutes or so north of Seattle http://www.premiumoutlets.com

    The Tulalip casino is right there too.
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    Macy's is good too. When they put on a sale they don't fuck around.
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    You go to the Tualip casino she goes to the mall... Its a win win even if you lose

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    There are some just past Bellingham in Mount Vernon...Lulu, Rebock, and a few others, nearby is a Mall that was so dead it was scary but every store offered 50% off and told you if you bought 3 things the 3rd is free...

    Ya then farther down is the Premium outlets which is a womans candy store....everything super cheap....I got 3 pairs of Nike's for $68.00 out the door...first one was 50% off second was 50% off the 50% and the third was free...Every shoe was a $100.00 Plus pair up here..

    Kid got LuLU pants for %40.00 that are over $160 up here...

    Things might be even cheaper now that our $$$$ is strong
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    I think those ones are at Burlington.

    There's always Bellis Fair Mall too......

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    Burlington has a few stores, nothing that great. We usually just bypass Burlington and head straight for the seattle premium outlets. They are the best but are so busy lately with the dollar and everyone knowing about them now. Go early or it's a gong show on the weekends.

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    Woodburn, if it hasn't already been mentioned.

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