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    Car Detailing

    The paint on my car is starting to show swirls in brighter sun and the doors have experienced their fair share of beatings from negligent parkers sometimes while I'm watching (cringe worthy). I'm looking for a decently priced cut/polish/wax service for my car but don't want to drop it off in some back alley wondering if it will still be there when I get back. So I'm looking for recomendations for shops/people you have had work on your car before. I'm looking for quality service and reasonable prices in that order. It's time to get the car looking good for spring.
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    PM VTwinVince. The man is very good.

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    I used to do professional detailing for years at a dealership, I still do machine cut polishing on the side. I do wet sanding, scratch removal etc
    I have professional equipment and polishing supplies and can make your paint like glass for a very decent price. Pm me if interested
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    Check out some good local body shops. They have good product and equipment to do the job. I found a detail shop is ok but if you need a cut polish it is better to get a body shop to do it.

    I had a detail shop do my old truck and it cost $300.00

    A body shop did my current truck and charged me $150.00 to cut polish and wax.

    The body shop was way better, there were no swirl marks.

    There is/was a place behind where A&B sound used to be in Langley. I think it was called Pro. They sell to body shops and detailer's all the good stuff. I got some polish for my boat and some special stuff for all the flat black bumper and cab step plastic that makes everything all nice and new looking.

    I am sure they could recommend someone.
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