Need Advice On Fixing the Leak!
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Thread: Need Advice On Fixing the Leak!

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    Need Advice On Fixing the Leak!

    Anyone have any idea on how to fix a leaking Aluminum Radiator?
    There is a hole located right in the middle! Perhaps patching it up would be a good idea and I could save some money?

    Is it better to fix it up? Or would it leak again in the future?
    Or would it be best to replace it and spend the $200 or more?

    Any links of any DIY of fixing a leaking ALUMINUM RADIATOR would be helpful!
    Links for cheap radiators? Links for any cheap radiator shops?


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    try the chopshop, he might have one.
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    Originally posted by adamantium
    I'm going to type this slowly so that you folk can follow along.
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    I sent the rad from my 600rr to these guys to repair after a local shop did a number on it while trying to "fix" a hole a rock put it in it. Cost me $65 bucks, it would have been cheaper if I hadn't let the local shop try and fix it. Shipped it from Hagens of Blaine and picked it up there when I was done and it was done right.
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    Most of my commercial repairs are done by richardson radiator in Langley. Just another place to call if you're looking.
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