My bud Sikorsky and his Duke.
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Thread: My bud Sikorsky and his Duke.

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    Smile My bud Sikorsky and his Duke.

    Hey guys,Anybody see my bud Sikorsky riding his new to him Ducati 851 in the rain today? Went down this morning to pick it up.I hear he went to sleep clutching the picture of it last night. .Now he has to go ride it all the way to Port Hardy in the rain Probably will spend the whole way back to Rupert shining it up.

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    What a long trip in such crappy weather.
    It'll make for some good memories though - I hope he brought a digital camera.

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    Originally posted by Brendan
    What a long trip in such crappy weather.
    It'll make for some good memories though - I hope he brought a digital camera.
    Make that a digital underwater camera

    Good on you Sik!!

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    I did Port Hardy last year and the whole way home (to the ferry anyway) it rained. It's not a bad road you just need to keep your speed down on the twisties.

    Sikorsky - Let's see some pics of your new ride!
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    Yea, after you've shined it up all purdy of course!
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    Shaggin' that Sexy Italian Bird Baby

    Well, I must say that Italian Bird is one sexy beast. F4-flu-by-u and I met up with Sikorsky yesterday afternoon after he grabbed the ferry to Victoria.

    I tell ya. That 851 is in awesome shape. And those custom made aluminum cans? Pure music in motion, no shittin'. But man, did we ever get SOAKED!! Good practice for that bike since its moving up to 'Rupert. F4-flu-by-u was trying out the new Z1000 and was kind enough to let me play with his new ZX6R [which was great because its the first time I've ridden the thing since we installed the heated grips. Which work flawlessly].

    We gave Sikorsky a soggy tour down the Peninsula, headed to SG Power to chat with boys and then B-lined for my place. Too bad it was so wet though, it would have been nice to warm up the skins a bit on some of the local favorite curves. Pizza, bevies, and a video tape of the Daytona Super Stock. A good afternoon and evening.

    Escorted him out of town @ 7am today and he's making the run for the Boat with dry clothes [for the first 10-15min anyways]. Great to see him again, he's gonna love that Duck!

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