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    FS: 2005 Kawasaki ZZR250


    Tried to sell this a few years ago, but couldn't part with it. Now that I haven't been riding for quite some time, might as well sell it.

    2005 Kawasaki ZZR250

    - Color: Blue
    - 3800 kms (extremely low, usually just ride to and from work)
    - Purchased new on June 11, 2005 (Picked up on June 18)
    - Bike purchased in full on date of pickup. No money owing.
    - First Service (1000km Tune Up) done by Burnaby Kawasaki on August 20, 2005
    - Last oil change was done at 3715 kms.
    - Every year the bike has only been insured for 6 months at a time, and for the other months, it has been stored in my garage. Fuel stabilizer added and battery on a Battery Tender.
    - 2 alarms will come with the bike. Basic Gorilla Alarm and Scorpio Paging alarm. No alarm currently installed, the paging alarm was removed when sent in under warranty, new remote received but never used since the bike was stored. Easy to install, paging alarm already has the wiring for plug-n-play.
    - Have not rode in a year or two now.
    - Bike was found knocked over a few years back, claimed through ICBC, all parts were replaced with brand new, OEM parts. Nothing second hand or from a junk yard.

    Been in storage for well over a year now, can try to start up for potential buyer. If the battery is dead, I will pay for a new one. No test rides unless full amount in cash is in my hands.

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