WSBK just got more interesting...
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Thread: WSBK just got more interesting...

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    WSBK just got more interesting...

    Nothing like a little drama...

    I've just started watching racing, in part to the fact that I've had a taste of it and can't be at the track every weekend..

    but nothing like a little drama to liven things up a bit!

    I had no idea about the history between these two guys, but it seems Biaggi is a bit of a prick lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swartzer View Post
    I had no idea about the history between these two guys, but it seems Biaggi is a bit of a prick lol.
    Ah, not since the days of Kocinski..
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    My what?
    Biaggi is no stranger to hand gestures. Here's my favorite from Rossi to Max

    I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.

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    but it seems Biaggi is a bit of a prick
    oh yes, apparently..
    he was not a happy camper last weekend!
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    Biaggi's got no class for picking on a nice little guy like Melandri and I hope Biaggi's entire season turns into a comedy of stupid errors. Glad Marco wasn't intimidated, but instead brought his response to the track.

    The new R1 seems to be working very well, and I feel sorry for Toseland and the season he had last year. (now he's injured.)

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    Biaggi has always been an insecure meathead. now that he has a #1 on his bike he will raise his personna to a new high. i feel sorry for everyone around him. An excellent rider with the talent of Rossi but not the intellect or the cunning.Rossi proved it was too easy to get under his skin. thats the main reason he is not in moto gp anymore.

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